Features - We’ve Worked Hard To Deliver Modern And Stylish Designs With Three Or Four Bedrooms, Open Plan Living, Two Bathrooms, Alfresco Areas, 6m³ Of Storage Space, And Enclosed Double Garages, For Comfortable Living And To Help You Lease Or Resell.

At the World of Style, our Interior Designers will help you to make choices in line with your budget and style preferences. Our free feasibility test will give you a clear idea of what you can do and what your local council is likely to approve.   Your specialist Dual Oct consultant will visit your block and discuss the possibilities. Will you be living in one of the new houses? You may already have approved plans or may need a custom design from scratch, Glenvill have the flexibility to work with you rather than needing you to fit in with “a process” regardless of whether this is your first or one of many developments Glenvill have a solution for you. Features - We’ve worked hard to deliver modern and stylish designs with three or four bedrooms, open plan living, two bathrooms, alfresco areas, 6m³ of storage space, and enclosed double garages, for comfortable living and to help you lease or resell. Either way, you’ll come out on top with two houses to live in, sell, or lease. A dual occupancy development has ever been so easy. As with any new house building process, there are a few key questions that you’ll need to answer before beginning your Dual Oct journey. 

Practical Ideas On Recognising Important Criteria Of Dual Occupancy Homes

How much will the two houses lease for, if you decide to do so? We bring to the table qualified and experienced designers and fully qualified planners as part of your team. The tax deductions on a Dual Occupancy home is greater, meaning more money back from the tax man! Whether you want to knock down your old house and build two new ones, put two houses on a vacant block, or add a second building while leaving your existing house in place, Porter Davis can help to make all your home building dreams come true. We’ll also ensure compliance with government and environmental regulations. Demolition of your existing home Alternative accommodation for the duration of your build Potential vegetation overlays and requirements to protect significant trees peering requirements due to old foundations' Replacement of old fences and demolition of front fencing for construction In some cases, the removal of asbestos Protection of neighbouring properties by way of scaffolding and mesh Overhead power conversion to underground power Traffic management for delivery of materials to your site costs that are estimates only until your house demolition is complete and a final site survey and soil test is completed The first step in assessing your property’s suitability for a knock down and rebuild is to have your Porter Davis consultant visit your block and conduct a site assessment. Dual Occupancy Homes does not provide financial product advice or recommend any financial products: This applies equally to those financial products which are established for a SMSA. From New York to the British Virgin Islands, from the Greek Best Residential Builder Islands to California, there’s a style that will bring your dream vision to life in your beautiful new home. With over 64 interior World of Style options, you’ll be able to personalise your home knowing that the best interior designers are behind your choices.